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Please be aware that there is a no return policy on any spiritual products. As the intention and sacredness has been placed upon each item we will not be making accommodations around this policy. There is also a no refund policy on spell services. Exchanges will only occur in moments where Soulful Ascension Metaphysics owners have to reschedule due to personal reasons. Any cancellation of spiritual services results to a  50% refundable state and if not notified within 24hours of the selected service date then their order is subjected to no refund. Our time will be reciprocated as mutually agreed upon for business purposes.


Please allow 7 -14  business days for processing due to the sacred activation process of Soulful Ascension Products. (Weekends are excluded in shipping duration.)  Delays may occur because of holidays, limited edition items,illness and or severe weather . Following processing, your order will ship using the delivery option the Customer has chosen at checkout.You will be notified via email with tracking. Please note that if you have ordered a preorder item, the item will ship on or prior to, the date specified at checkout. Soulful Ascension Metaphysics LLC is not responsible for any shipping delays or packages that are reported missing followed by a confirmed delivery with tracking. If your package is unable to be tracked and does go missing please contact us. We will address the matter by creating a claim with our mailing service provider. Once the store claim is processed we will proceed with replacement or substitution.  Claims may take between 14-30 business days to process.

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