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We have the best rated Spiritual Services in Oklahoma. Offering Readings, Cleansings, Spells, Counseling, Enchanted Products & more. We've been married for over 9 years and although we both began our spiritual journeys at different times of our lives, we decided to combine our spiritual gifts in order to give you the best of both worlds. We found that us coming together gave the ultimate experience, which is one of the main reasons we decided to start this family-based metaphysical business. Over time we have built an awesome network of interactive supporters and have become well-known for our spiritual success worldwide, and we continue to make our presence known across all social media platforms. You can find out more about our individual journeys below.



Ashley has been practicing spell casting since 2016 along with Co-owner Atum. Together they created family traditions of ritualing and have since guided others along the way using various metaphysical techniques. Ashley holds a certified accreditation in grief and bereavement as well as a certified accreditation in children and adolescent counseling. You can learn more about Ashley on Youtube at Soulful Asension. Or become a ritual group member through Facebook!



      Atum isn't just a motivational speaker!


As a youngman that has been on his spiritual journey for the last ten years he has cultivated techniques that even the novice of individuals can adapt to. As he homeschools his own 5 children he mentors various age groups within the spiritual community. The thing that sets him apart from most is the fact that he lives a lifestyle that reflects his practices daily. If you're in need of authentic spiritual advice, techniques of meditation, seeking to astral project or in need of a reading from a divine masculine book with him today!

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